Glo3D 24" Motorized Rotating Turntable

$799.99 $349.99 349.99

Glo3D Motorized Rotating Turntable - 24” Diameter 360 Degree Rotating Display Stand for Jewelry, Watches, Digital Products, Bags, Sculpture, Models and Collectibles

  • Modern design, easy to use, multi-function, excellent effect, durable in use.
  • The rotating stand is perfect for photography of Jewelry, souvenir, watch, digital products, shampoo, glass, bag, Models, sculpture, die cast and collectible
  • Satisfying loading capacity - As many as 0~220 pounds (100kg) loading capacity to meet your most requirements. We have customers using our turntable for so many application such as rotating with wine, notebook, camera, mobile, cosmetic, jewelry, gemstone.
  • On/Off switch on the base sid.